Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Secret to eating cheaply: Rice cooker

Last Night's Dinner

1 cup rice ($.50)
1 cup red lentils ($.30)
1 bag frozen soybeans/edamame ($1.99)
1 cup salsa ($1.00)
1 cup water

Directions: Put it in a rice cooker and hit start

Preparation time: 45 seconds
Cooking time: 25 minutes (with no supervision)
Yield: Tasty dinner for two and leftovers
Cost: less than $4

On the other hand...

I also am tempted to jump in to Evernote again. This article by Ezra Klein explains it all.

That turns Evernote from something I might search if I remember into something I'll search constantly without even trying. And that means I'm much likelier to be routinely confronted with old insights and facts that I might have forgotten. In that world, I don't need to rely on my memory of what I've read so much as the judgments I made when I was doing the reading. And I trust those a lot more.

Helpful: Workflowy

I like to outline and make lists. I read lots of business and self-help books. I aim to improve my skills and advance my career.

Problem: I forget all the stuff I read, lose my lists and get all my training materials trapped in a huge folder of crap.

Enter workflowy. Web-based outliner that works just an outline program should. Auto-saved, easy to export and save elsewhere. This should help me complete my Big Database of Knowledge I've been working on. Free to sign up, hopefully there will be paid features eventually (like Dropbox sync perhaps?) so it can survive.