Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Interesting: Getting better

I played much better poker last night. I played tight/aggressive and won quite a few hands. In the second hour, we were down to 5 players, and 4 of us went all in (I had the most chips of the four.) I had AJ, against K9, Q7 and 55.
Flop 10 7 6, then a J, then a 2, which gave me the big ass pot.

Final hand, heads up with the "ref" of the poker league who was a pro for 4 years:

I had about 4000 chips left, he had 6000. Big blind 100.
My hole cards were 9 6 suited. He raised to 300. I called.
Flop J 9 6
He went all in, I called.
He turns over 9 7, not happy to see my 9 6.
Turn -- 7.


In other getting better news, the chiropractic stuff is kind of nice. I kind of get the feeling that the guy is convince me more than treat me, but we'll see. I have 8 visits to go.

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