Monday, September 26, 2005

Helpful: Race results

The race was pretty tough. Nice and cloudy, but very sticky and eventually rainy, so I was soaked by mile 3. Kept great pace though, my halfway time was 1:16:28, which was ahead of my goal pace. Around mile 8, my hip flexor started hurting (stand up and raise your knee to your chest; your hip flexor is the muscle right at the front of your hip joint that does that.) It got progressively worse, until I had to switch to speed walking for a mile or so. I ended up finishing with 2:44:09, which was behind my goal, but still 12 minutes faster than last time, so I'm happy with it.

Odds and Ends:
--Helpful Hint: If you ever have to pee during a race, go behind a tree, not beside a tree. I know modesty is not all that important during a race, but many of us saw much more of one woman's "search for a friendly tree" than we would have liked.
--The sign "You Are All Crazy" got quite a laugh.
--The sign "The faster you run, the sooner you're done!" did not.
--The DJ at mile 9 was playing motown songs and trying to get people to sing along, dance, high-five, etc. It was so annoying, I was tempted to hobble over there and smack him.
--iPods do not like rain, even if they are in a "sport" case.
--Crucial race accessory of the day: Cindy. Thank you for everything! :)


Indigo said...

nice job, buddy.

Dad K said...

Way to go Matthew.