Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Interesting: Course list

This spring, I'm taking 500, 502, and 504. Don't they look exciting?


Dad K said...

So your mom expects you to have read the first 2 chapters of each book before the first class.

Good luck.

mom k said...

Actually, I have been giving some thought to your #500 class on the History and Theory of Urban Planning: Since the social work profession had its earliest beginnings in a poor neighborhood of Chicago (near Halsted and Polk Street), there will be lots of interesting materials for you to use for one of the historical written assignments that you'll be required to submit. Our founding mother of social work, Jane Addams, set up a multi-faceted communinity resource center (quite similar to the modern day Community Resource Centers) called the "Hull House." This was in the early part of the 1900s, before womens suffrage. She was a feminist, a social worker, a scholar,(probably a lesbian), a nobel prize winner, and she even held positions within Chicago's city government. Very interesting beginnings from my profession that have served as a knowledge base for other modern day professions in city planning, teaching, and health. And don't forget to do that reading that your dad mentioned.