Thursday, May 11, 2006

Helpful: Don't take this on the road

I guess this is how these LiveJournal meme things work:

Look at your MP3 collection. What is the worst possible mix tape you
could make? Now these don't have to be songs you personally don't
enjoy. But these would be songs you know if you forced your friends to
listen to it on a long road trip you would be left at the road side,
even if it was your car.

1. "Magazines," Wes Cunningham - An ode to Jenny McCarthy
2. "Bugs," Pearl Jam - Accordion abuse
3. "Seed to a Tree," Blind Melon - Even the Bee Girl hates it
4. "In the Springtime of his Voodoo," - Tori Amos - Exhausting
5. "P-Poppin'," Ludacris - Wow is that song filthy
6. "Winding Road," Bonnie Sommerville - This was on the Garden State Soundtrack?
7. "How Does a Duck Know," Crash Test Dummies - Deep question from a very deep voice
8. "Lilac Wine," Jeff Buckley - Stick a pen in my eye!
9. "I'm Going to the Place," Lyle Lovett - I love Lyle, but his gospel stuff gets old
10. "Freaks," Live - Choice lyric: "If the mother goes to bed with you, will you run and call Geraldo?"
11. "Trees," Rush - Nerd war in the forest!
12. "Cup of Tea," The Verve Pipe - It's not, it's not, it's not my cup of teeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa

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