Monday, January 15, 2007

Interesting: John Edwards

Being a Democrat in Illinois, I get a lot of questions about Barack Obama. I'm a big fan, and I'm excited to hear if he announces a run for president this week. That said, I am very encouraged by John Edwards and his campaign strategy. Edwards has often been criticized for a lack of leadership experience, so he has turned his presidential campaign into a nationwide community service organization. Rallies and marches just don't cut it anymore. Improving this country takes work, and the more hands helping, the better.


Anonymous said...

Edwards is a wolf in sheep's clothing, plain and simple.

Stop for a minute, and consider what he's actually done, and not his talk.

While many members in congress wisely voted against the Iraq war, Edwards not only voted for it, he co-sponsored the disastrous resolution with neocon Joe Lieberman, that made it possible.

Edwards also co-sponsored and voted for the massive increase in H-1b visas, that dumped 195,000 foreign workers on the job market, destroying perhaps hundreds of thousands of American tech careers.

Edwards voted for normal trade relations with China, making American workers have to compete with Chinese labor standards, which of course they can't.

Edwards voted for the DREAM act, forcing states to give in-state tuition (a subsidy) to illegal aliens, when there are poor Americans in these states who can’t afford to send their kids to college, partially because illegal immigration drove down their wages. This act, of course only encourages more illegal immigration because it extends even further the taxpayers obligations to those who break our laws to come here.

But what about civil liberties? Here again, Edwards voted to the Patriot act, perhaps the greatest risk to civil liberties, ever.

Edwards supporters don’t want Edwards to be held accountable for these facts. Yet, Edwards made himself extremely wealthy holding others (such as doctors) accountable - while doctors malpractice premiums rose so much as to make many obstetricians leave their specialty. More illegal alien taxpayer payed births, and fewer obstetricians - could that be why health care costs are skyrocketing?

One simple question - 10 years ago, if you did your job, the way Edwards performed as Senator, do you think he would he advocate that you get a big promotion?

Or do you think he would he have sued you and taken you to the cleaners?

Iddybud said...

Troll alert. I thought I should mention that "anonymous" is on other blogs today making the exact same comments. He or she is trolling the net looking for John Edwards posts to blast. I don't know how you want to handle it, but I thought you'd want to know.

Here's my post where he (or she) did it.

Great post, by the way!

Kuz said...

Oh, I'll leave it up, of course. I don't agree with these points, but it's a good summary of all of the right-wing and left-wing attacks that Edwards has faced and will continue to face.