Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Helpful: Spring Break Check-in

It was a great first day of Spring Break yesterday. The weather was beautiful, and I got to take a nice long bike ride in my old neighborhood.

This week, I'm using the time off to catch up in my school work. I'm taking five classes this semester, and with only five weeks to go, here's what I have left:

517 Regional Planning: Group presentation on water quality. The assignment is to propose a programs or campaign that a regional planning organization might undertake, given that most RPOs are advisory (meaning they don't have any legislative authority.)

530 Economic Development: Final paper and presentation analyzing a particular economic development initiative. I haven't chosen a target yet - will probably choose an Illinois state program, so I can interview officials here in Chicago.

536 Urban Employment: Final paper and presentation on a welfare to work program. Haven't chosen one yet.

537 Environmental Economics: Final exam, plus term paper and presentation on permeable pavement, a market-based solution to the problem of stormwater runoff and groundwater depletion.

594 Disaster Mitigation and Hazard Planning: Report on a disaster that received presidential declaration of emergency. Group presentation on 1996 flood of Aurora, IL. What mitigation plan would we propose after the disaster?

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