Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Helpful: Free I-GO!

I've been using I-GO car sharing for six months now, and I absolutely love it. The cars are easy to find and reserve, the price is great for a per-hour rental, and you don't have to pay for gas! Follow the directions below, and you'll get a one year membership for free.

I will donate all referral fees I earn to Nothing But Nets, the campaign that the NBA, Sports Illustrated, the United Nations, and the United Methodist Church have launched to end malaria in Africa. One $10 bed net can protect a family for 4 years from malaria-infected mosquitoes, but even $10 can be expensive for the great number of Africans who live on as less than $1 a day.

Dear Matthew:

Like me, you may have received an email about a special free membership offer for Friends and Family. The email came from Flexcar (which is one of I-GO's partners), and may have even had someone else's first name on it. I am pleased to tell you that I-GO is indeed offering this promotion in Chicago, just as Flexcar is offering it in the east and west coast cities in which they operate.

To take advantage of the offer, here's all you need to do:

1. Tell your friends to go to, and click on "Join Today & Save!" in the box on the left.
2. Fill in D75FrFam in the "Promo Code" field.
3. Have them fill in the email address
(matt.kuzma AT gmail DOT com)

That's it! Their first year annual fee will be waived - a nice little gift, courtesy of you! Plus, for each new member you refer before 7/7/07, we will give you $7 in driving credit, up to a maximum of $49.

We really hope you will take advantage of this offer by passing it along to all your friends and family. When people share cars, we all win.

Thank you for your support.

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