Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Interesting: Checking in

Well, it's halftime in 2007.

Just two classes and one project left, and I'll be done with my Masters in Urban Planning this December.

I'm 6 weeks into my internship with Debra Shore at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. It's been very interesting so far - I've met some great people and had a chance to study cutting edge environmental problems like pharmaceuticals in wastewater, combined sewer overflows, and other water issues.

My plantar fasciitis is getting better, although I won't be able to run for a few more weeks still. Stretch your calves!

Church stuff continues to be a real source of fun and intellectual challenge. What should a church do to remain relevant and important in an urban neighborhood?

So, whats next?

For the first time since 1999, I'll be looking full-time for a full-time job this summer. I am focusing my search in the following ways:

- Government or *well-funded* non-profit agencies that serve the public and improve quality of life
- Political campaigns for progressive Democratic candidates who care about urban issues
- Companies that solve important problems or reduce people's suffering, while not being evil

- Strategy and Planning
- Management
- Training
- New Initiatives
- Business Development

- Within Chicago city limits

Wish me luck!

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