Saturday, August 08, 2009

I&H: Lolla 2009 Review

Gaslight Anthem at Lollapalloza 2009

For some reason, my grand plan to text reviews to Twitter, which would automatically publish to Facebook and my blog failed. I blame Sarah Palin.

So, here are my texts from Day 1 of the biggest music fest in the world:

Logistics: if you have single day tickets, get off the train and cross Columbus at Monroe - you can't cross the street at Congress this year, which is a huge pain.

Weather: 65, rainy and windy all day - def the coldest day I've experienced at Lolla. #summerFAIL


Other Lives - We saw them this spring open for Elvis Perkins. Cello and keyboards add so much - nice melodies and plenty of bass. Good mood CD.

Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears - James Brown and the Blues Brothers are alive, and their name is Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears.

Gaslight Anthem (SHOW OF THE DAY) - Buy the album now and start learning the words, cause these guys are your new pop stars. Honest, understandable lyrics, catchy hooks, lots of energy, great vocals and the guys look like they're having a good time. Great show.

Bon Iver - One of our favorite shows at the Vic Theatre, outdoors is the WORST venue for Bon Iver, and in particular the Petrillo Band Shell is the worst stage. You have to stand on cement and the chatter of the crowd overpowered Bon Iver's delicate sound. I knew this would happen, but went and saw it anyway. So if I ended up disappointed, it's my own fault.

Ben Folds - Didn't listen much to him, but his cover of Dr. Dre always disgusts and pleases at the same time.

Fleet Foxes - playing at the same stage Bon Iver was at, I was uncomfortable listening to them. They sounded very precious. But I like the vocal harmonies and understand that I need to have their record in the rotation. But I won't bother watching them outside again.

Thievery Corporation - I love TC, while I generally don't like world music, I'm coming around to it, and TC is part of the reason. I first saw them at Coachella with Lucas back in 2005. Lebanese Blonde was on the Garden State soundtrack, and it makes me dance everytime. This year, they played more from their latest album, "Radio Retaliation." Shocking, but the words Radio Retaliation rhyme with Thievery Corporation. Great dance music, put this in at your party and your hipster friends may actually move to the music.

Of Montreal - Music and stage antics that are full of shenanigans. Costumes, balloons, gender-questionable lyrics. Good times and again, danceable.

Depeche Mode - Disappointing. Two-hour set and they didn't play a hit until 75 minutes in. Here's a hint, Depeche Mode: If you have to keep telling the crowd, "Cmon!" when they're supposed to sing along, it's because no one listens to your new albums. We left early.

Day 1 down, mid-90s and humid Day 2 coming up!

Photo: Gaslight Anthem at Lollapalloza 2009

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