Tuesday, April 13, 2004


I could go on and on about Bush's speech tonight, but I'd rather link to what I thought was a great analysis by DHinMI of DailyKos.

The gist is this:

The problem of troop strength in Iraq got punted to Abazaid and Sanchez.  The failure to anticipate 9-11 was because "I can't make good decisions if I can't get good information."  (He surely failed to notice how that standard could be applied to the bad information he accepted on WMD and Iraq's supposed connection to 9-11.)  Instead of demonstrating evidence or making an argument, several times he resorted to "I know." "I hope you have a sense of my convictions."  "When I say something, I mean it."  In short, for Bush it's all about his internal purity of purpose vs. the external threats to his success--and maybe even his salvation.

Many people out there find this reassuring. Black and white. God and freedom are on our side, and if we have the right motives, it doesn't matter what the outcome is. God Bless the USA.

If I could just get over the faulty logic, lack of compassion, and total delusion inherent there, I guess I could go along with that.

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