Thursday, May 27, 2004


I heard today that some readers would like to hear more about my personal life -- our marriage, my job, my creativity with music and art. Hmmm. Um, "Interesting and Helpful" would imply "not boring," so no. This post is already mind-numbingly dull!!

I will share though that I do have a new hobby -- hairstyling.


Anonymous said...

I appreciated the humor that this narrator evokes, and I liked the postmodern use of the external link to the hair-picture. But I just don't know if I trusted the narrator. I mean, would I follow the narrator wherever they led me? Is this narrator reliable? By not disclosing details of his personal life, he discloses perhaps the most personal of all details -- himself. But in the end, I found the story to be less about the narrator's refusal to disclose personal information, and more about this narrator's profound sadness that he's hiding....

Consider yourself workshopped.

Kuz said...

Thanks jdmc -- I am now thoroughly confused and in need of stiff drink. Have a great weekend!