Monday, June 07, 2004

Kinda full week

Friday, we left work early, drove (through horrendous traffic) to South Bend, IN for a Saturday race. Cindy ran a marathon; I ran a 10-K. Race results are here.

The races started at 5:45(!) and 7:30 AM, so we made it back to Chicago at about 3:00, just in time to meet Cindy's dad, uncle and cousin at a bar on Southport for drinks and food. Then, amazingly, another cousin and his dad were across the street at an all-day Cubs' Skybox, then craps-poker-Belmont Stakes-keg bachelor party. So of course we had to go up there and check it out.

We watched the race, then hustled home, so we could go to 2 birthday parties and meet an old friend at yet another bar.

Sunday, Cindy and I went to the Cubs-Pirates game, then CRASHED. Woke up 2 hours later, then watched Roger and Me, which was pretty fantastic. Got it through Netflix, by the way.

Tonight, off to the long sold-out Cubs/Cardinals game, then for my birthday tomorrow, SittingHitz and I will be playing golf at the lake, then I'll be finishing packing for our Wednesday move.

Good times!


Wachs said...


ps: you need more links in your posts next time! ;)

Indigo said...

Wow. I almost forgot your birthday is tomorrow. Hope you have a happy birthday, buddy.