Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Scorecard - Interesting?

Shot a 56 on 9 holes, not that bad, considering they were the first 56 swings of the year. Highlights:
Only needed 2 putts on each of the first 6 holes - the putter was golden
Put a bunker shot within 5 feet
Actually cleared the water and bogeyed a 140-yard par-3
Left the course with more golf balls than I started with.

SittingHitz paid the green fees, and did well in punishing the local trees for being in the way of his shots. :)
A nice lunch and nap followed, and now, the final pack.


Wachs said...

"Cleared the water"? I know exactly which hole you're talking about...near the end, like 7 or 8. I did it too, miraculously, when I played. Waveland is a good time. Without golf carts, I wouldn't want to play more than 9 holes. Happy birthday again.

Dad K said...

Left with more than you came with? That takes a lot of balls...

keol said...

Happy Birthday!