Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Helpful Review: The Cooler

HItz recommended The Cooler to me, and I watched it last week. Disappointed. Good acting, I guess, but the script had so many holes, I couldn't hold on.

For example, let's say you happen to work in Alec Baldwin's casino, and one day at work you and your girlfriend watch as big mean Alec whacks your son's legs with a sledge hammer and kicks his pregnant wife in the crotch. What do you think will happen if you clock back in the next day and get in a fight with him and his goons?

What if you're the girlfriend? Would you hang around the shady apartment all by yourself, maybe lay out at the pool the rest of the week? "What? The crazy psycho guy is coming for me next? I think I'll yell in his face - he would never hurt me!"

And I'm sorry, but no 70-year-old guy is just going to get away with beating the crap out of some guy in plain view at the craps table. I've seen CSI.

Finally, men and women everywhere should agree that the multiple William H Macy nude scenes easily cancel out the foxiness of Maria Bello.

Stars: 2 of 5


SlowHitz said...

Well, I did like it a lot better than Mr. Script (apparently Drumline holds together much better). It'd be nice if the world was just like CSI and everyone was as smart as The Kuz-er. I agree some of the behavior was a little unusual, but that's kind of the point. Based on what the guy's been through in his life and what he's experienced recently, going back to the casino makes sense to him, or at least is all he can see to do. You're right that the girlfriend is quite dumb in how she hangs around - that one even peeved me some, like a dumb broad in every silly horror movie. But, partly its she's too weak/scared to leave, and these definitely aren't supposed to be the brightest bulbs in the casino, so maybe they're just that stupid.

Its one of those movies that depends on the mood you're in and how you're watching. You'd probably like it if I hadn't hyped it and you just got it when you ran out of other Netflix stuff to watch. Sorry. I'll have to be more careful with my indie movie suggestions for you, Matt. I think you've disliked a couple so far. Let see, my email I sent you a while ago with like 25 movie suggestions had...24 foreign/indie films plus Charlie's Angel's. Whoops. Well, at least I know you'll enjoy that one (for the plot, Cindy, the plot and the action).

I do agree completely about Macey au natural, yikes (*shudders*). And Maria has had foxier days, plus the intentional "natural" style it's shot in doesn't help.

Kuz said...

This is the kind of good-spirited debate this blog has been missing for a while. Thanks for the analysis Hitzy.