Friday, April 01, 2005

Helpful: Free Tunes

One of my co-workers has some free downloads from her label's website. Her band is The Reputation. So I guess this is just a reminder post so I can download them Later. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists are supposed to be good, too. At least, Cindy's hip cousins think so. Oh yeah, Green Day's also on the label.

Pops is in town this weekend, and if he gives permission, I hope to put up links to a couple of cuts from his new CD. Since Luke has already published all his demos and Dad and his crew put in 55 hours in the studio to ink this new disc, I feel like I need to compete. Maybe I'll cut a spoken word album.

So here's the weekend: Sin City, cross-train, do Mike's taxes, watch hoops with Dad, run the Shamrock Shuffle, see Poi Dog Pondering after the race. Sweet.

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Indigo said...

Ted Leo is good. So are Communique and Pretty Girls Make Graves