Friday, April 08, 2005

Interesting: Concert review

Links to follow tomorrow. Google 'em yourself in the meantime.

Went and saw the Decemberists at Metro tonight. Indigo highly recommended them, and I was pretty pleased. I say, when the nerd war begins, grab yourself a band like the Decemberists. They won't let you down. Nerdy singers, violin, accordion, double bass, breath-powered hand-keyboards. A song about playing soccer.

The lead singer has a Irish/Canadian/something-or-other accent that makes it sound like each syllable gets a bonus vowel sound or two. But oh, the tunes are freakin catchy.

Downside -- the 15-minute encore song. By the end, people were just ready to leave.

Anyway, worth the ticket price and I'll be adding them to my collection at some point.

Walking home, I got stopped by two cops, who apparently were chasing some guy through an alley and happened upon me instead. The one cop asked where I was coming from, and I said the Metro. He asked who played, and I said "The Decemberists." They asked some more questions and let me go, but it then occurred to me that this band from Portland has picked a really silly name. I mean you sound like a nerd just pronouncing it correctly!

Good night all.

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Indigo said...

My goodness. I am glad you went. I enjoyed every one of those fifteen or so minutes of The Tain. I seriously could have stayed all night listening to them when I saw them. Anyway, glad to hear you had a good time at the show. And F the Popo!