Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Not interesting: Politics

I'm no dummy. I know that traffic on this site was highest during the election when I was going off on politics all the time. But is anyone else kind of bored with it right now?

Bush is into Day 84 of his 60-Day Social Security nonsense, we're debating the management style of a potential UN Ambassador, everyone I know who went to Iraq is home. Seriously, American Idol gets more play than the big war our people are fighting in right this second. What on earth is going on?

Oh, and just so John Kerry and all those other senators can hear me, this whole judge filibuster thing is exactly why congressmen never get elected president. They just spent a month debating whether to change the rules or not. Does this make John McCain look like some kind of hero, because he helped broker a deal that keeps Bill Frist from changing the rules? No. No one cares. Does it matter? Yes. Is it interesting? No.

What is interesting? Well, certainly not this, either.

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