Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Very I+H: My hood

chicagocrime.org compiles crime data and uses Google Maps to plot the police blotter. There's also an RSS feed for each police beat. Don't worry though, Mom. We're doing fine and we feel plenty safe.

Shamelessly pulled from Lifehacker, but then again, these days, isn't my entire blog pulled from there?


Indigo said...

do they have dallascrime.org? or is there a site large enough to keep all of that?

Kuz said...

You'll have to get right on that, bro.

Dad K said...

And from Rose Hill, America:

Fred Jones called to report a loose cow in the road.

Bob Dunagen called to report that his cow had gotten loose.

Dennis Webster called to report that someone was driving fast on the dirt road.

It's been a real crime wave, and it's not even summer!