Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Interesting: 5 Questions

For this game, Jairy asked me 5 Questions, and I answer them here. If you'd like to play, too, just leave a comment.
A bit of background: I lived at Jair's apartment for a few months in college, and they were some of the best times I've had.

1. What was the funniest joke I played on you in college?
Well, there was that time after I graduated when I went out to go drive to work and found that someone moved my car in the middle of the night and filled it with empty pizza boxes. That was a hoot. But, of course, the best would have to be when you left a trail of french fries leading from my room to the kitchen, where you were giggling like mad. I should note that I will always keep a markerboard up in the kitchen of every house I live in, thanks to you. Your drawing of me on the box of Puppy Chow was inspiring.

2. Do you still clip coupons?
Trader Joe's doesn't take coupons, so I don't abuse the Sunday paper like I used to back in the day, but I definitely will wait for bargains or special deals when going out to eat, booking flights, or buying stuff like toilet paper or aluminum foil at the drugstore. I feel like saving a dollar here or there allows me to afford to splurge on things like concerts and Cubs games.

3. Which political issue gets you the hottest under the collar?
I think it's probably health insurance at this point. Everyone gets sick eventually, so to have a system where only people with full-time jobs get the best medical coverage seems ridiculous. I'm hoping that the big problems GM is having will force them to lobby for government-financed health insurance. There's a good reason every other country does it that way: our system is stupid.

4. What was your favorite episode of This American Life and why?
Ooh, is that a tough question. TAL has been a part of our life here for so long now. I'm not sure I have a favorite, but there are two that stick out.

**1 The episode where they spent 24 hours talking to people at the Golden Apple Diner here in Chicago. Click the link above and search "Golden Apple" to find the episode and listen on Real Player. The diner is right by our old apartment, and when Cindy and I listened to the show it really gave us a deeper understanding of this crazy city we had chosen to live in.
**2 All of the Thanksgiving Poultry episodes, but especially the story about the performance artist who used a chicken in his act and kept it in his apartment. Search "Poultry Slam 98" and listen for Act One. Hysterical. This episode also spawned, thanks to one of Cindy's bizarre dreams, a conversation about "Marc Anthony's corn niblets." Don't ask.

5. Do you have any nerdy hobbies? For instance, I work jigsaw puzzles. Do you do anything like this?"
You mean besides blogging? (heh.) I think my nerdiest hobby is my obsession with current events. I read the newspaper every morning and have to pry myself away from the lure of witty political writing on the internet. I also really like playing Scrabble, especially while drinking wine.


Indigo said...

I can't tell you how much I giggled while reading the answer to that first question. And yeah, those were some of the best times I had too. There was never a dull moment in that apartment.

Anonymous said...

Just to add to number 4--that poultry show with the naked chicken performance artist was the first time we had ever heard TAL and we had no idea what it was. After that we were hooked. Indigo, what's *your favorite episode?


Indigo said...

My favorite episode? Lemme think. The invisibility vs. flight is definately a favorite, and a question I ask a lot of people. I liked the Naison House a lot. Should I Stay or Should I Go? was great. Last weeks was good. I am just a fan. I dont have a favorite. I have a ton of favorites.

Also, I want Kuz to interview me. I forgot to ask earlier. Silly me.