Monday, June 27, 2005

Prayer request

Just got this word from Dad...

It happened Saturday afternoon, my older sister, Babs, and her boyfriend (Greg? Still getting name) were riding on a motorcycle. He had given his helmet to Babs, since this was the first time she'd ridden on a motorcycle ('You'll never get me on one of those things!"). He's had a motorcycle for 30+ years, but lost control on a sharp turn and hit a tree. Babs landed about 50 feet away. Greg was air lifted to the hospital, where he died in surgery. Babs was also airlifted to the hospital and went through surgery yesterday. Her ankle was broken in 2 places, lower leg in 2 places and also a fracture in her spine. She should heal ok, but will be in bed for 8-12 weeks. Therapy and emotional healing will take longer... She's very scrappy and strong willed, so I have a lot of faith that she'll bounce back. But this is much tougher than the floods in PA last year that nearly ruined her home and business.

Please keep her and Greg's family in your prayers - for healing, comfort, and a speedy recovery.