Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Interesting: Reunion!

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Had the ten-year high school reunion in Wichita last weekend. Everyone looks great and is successful and well-adjusted (except for Jay, but that's no surprise, right?) 21 out of the 41 graduates made it, plus a few honorary grads who graduated at other schools but went way back with our class. In particular, my friend Brendan (who I met way back in third grade) was there with pics of his 3-week-old son Tyler.

It was fun to reminisce about old days, but it was even better to hear about all the cool things everyone is up to now. We even got sing the old school song...however it went...


SlowHitz said...

Yikes. Who's that moron in the front row?! Lay off the cheap Wichita liquor, buddy!

Wachs said...

Yeah, he kinda looks constipated!