Thursday, November 17, 2005

Interesting: Living the Life, Part 2

Transcript of a call to my brother's house, 11:25 AM Pacific time--

Unidentified Voice: (mumbling, obviously waking up) Hello?
Me: Hi, is this Lucas?
UV: uuuh....
Me: Hello?
UV: yeah?
Me: Is this Lucas?
UV: (confused) No, this is Dave. Oh, I thought you said you were Lucas.
Me: Nope. Is he there?
Dave: I think he's passed out or something, I don't know.
Me: OK, I'll call him back.
Dave: Holla back later, yo.


Dad K said...

You have a lot of nerve calling them so early!?! That's so totally bogus! (I think that's how the kids are saying it these days) Dave's the bass player who is now living there... on the couch I think.

Lucas said...

In dave's defense, I was still passed out!

Kuz said...

Man, that makes it an even better story. See you next week you two.

Indigo said...

Don't forget to holla back later, yo.