Friday, April 21, 2006

Helpful: Google Calendar

I've gone through a lot of gadgets and software on my path of Getting Things Done, from a Palm III to Outlook to Yahoo! Calendar to Microsoft Entourage. But I think I've found my home. This Monday, Google released their long-awaited Calendar, and it took me all of 60 minutes to adopt it 100%. Last year, I had read about how you could use GMail as both e-mail and to-do list, and with GMail open in one tab, GCal in another, and the personalized Google homepage in the third, nothing gets past my kung-fu force field.

Oh, and Evite, your days are numbered. Google events in Calendar are faster to set up and respond to, way easier to use, and don't have annoying registration nonsense or big ad pages. Happy.

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SlowHitz said...

Wow, that is nice. Gotta love that AJAX. And I really like the way it adds the additional schedules (Cubs, holidays, etc.). If it would sync with Palm or Outlook, I could go ahead and use it!