Monday, April 24, 2006

Helpful: How to find a new apartment in two hours

1) Look at ads on Craigslist
2) Find great-looking ad; call number.
3) Reach agent on first ring; tell her you will be there in 30 minutes.
4) Head to the 'L' platform; catch a train with no delay.
5) Get off at Argyle; walk by a dozen Asian markets and restaurants.
6) Get to apartment on Winnemac right near Clark St. in Andersonville; see that it is same rent as your current apartment but way, way nicer.
7) Realize that you have met the agent before--you bumped into her at a friend's garage sale where they were all drinking margaritas.
8) See one other apartment; realize that it can't compare to first one.
9) Call agent; set up lease signing for Wednesday. Done and done.


Indigo said...

Awesome. I cannot wait to see it.

notrivers said...

you're moving?

Kuz said...

Yep. We have a great place here, but it has a bit of a dungeon feel.

ab said...

you're moving to andersonville?!!! we'll virtually be neighbors. i'm in edgewater (and my building has a pool); you and your lovely wife, cindy will have to come over this summer. plus, walter and troy, diane and maria, and kristen all live in the immediate area too. very cool. congrats. it's a great neighborhood.

Dad K said...

Way to go! Congrats on the new digs.

Reb said...

Mike and I are thrilled for you guys. Do you know you're neighbors with Jason and Heather?

Kuz said...

That's great, Reb - if they need a babysitter.....I'll be sure to call them one :)