Thursday, August 16, 2007

Interesting: Becks!

I haven't written too much before of my love of soccer, but I just had to get on the blog this morning and put up clips of David Beckham from last night's Galaxy game vs. New England in the Superliga tournament.

Beckham is by no means the best player in the world, but he is by far the best player in the US, and it showed immediately in Becks' first start. His vision of the field is just so good, and even though his ankle is still gimpy, he moves and thinks more quickly than everyone else, if that makes sense.

There were a few times when he was in the middle of the field, surrounded by players, and the ball would come to him, and every time, he would immediately get rid of the ball perfectly to his teammate. He never gave the defense a chance to tackle him or push him around, so he ended up without any further injury -- very important when you're being paid $50 million a year.

Oh, and then there's this:

And this:


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