Sunday, August 05, 2007

Interesting: Best of Lollapalooza Part 1

I've been coming to Lolla for 3 years now, and Day 1 was my all-time favorite. I'll post pics and all that later this weekend. For now, here are my reviews of the best acts I saw. If you want Jair's perspective, and who doesn't, go here: Indigo Blvd.
Disclaimer: I never remember track titles. Sorry.

The Fratellis
Only caught a few songs from these guys, including their ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba song on the iPod commercials. They are Scottish, which means they are actually good. If I remember right, they have a podcast on iTunes that I subscribed to ages ago but never watched. I definitely will now. Good poppy rock sound.

Ghostland Observatory
G.O. is a dance music duo with two members: a tall freaky DJ guy wearing a light blue cape, and an androgynous dancer/guitarist who might just be Prince's white cousin. The first two songs, I couldn't help but dance, and say, "Damn that girl can sing!" Then I realized he's not a girl. A solid dance set from this Austin band.

The Polyphonic Spree
Shenanigans. 30 people on stage, happy happy fun time.

Blonde Redhead
A tight three piece band. The female lead vocalist and male guitarist both had solid, ethereal voices. Do I contradict myself? Then I contradict myself.

LCD Soundsystem
I had been listening to LCD for a few months before Lolla and really dug their sound. The stage show, though, was even better - lots of energy, and the lead singer has that "play that funky music, white boy" quality that I tend to like. And, female bassists are awesome.

Daft Punk
The 90-minute set had the most crowd dancing I have ever seen at Lollapalooza--or any other concert, for that matter. Lasers, robots, a giant pyramid, and some of the world's most popular dance tunes made for some great times. Friday's crowd was the smallest of the three days, but everyone who came out for Daft Punk had a great time.


Jules said...

Wow--it sounds like you guys had an awesome time! I'm anxiously awaiting the Pearl Jam review....

J said...

It was a fun time indeed. Can't wait to do it again next year.