Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Helpful -- The catch phrase

Voting for Kerry is voting against the Excuse Presidency.

Repeat it often. Excuses, excuses. 1,000 soldiers die -- not our fault, we couldn't trust a madman, ya know? The third tax cut doesn't create 2.8 million jobs? Must have been because of 9/11. 45 million have no healthcare? It's because of greedy trial lawyers.

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

The memo "Bin Laden Determined to Attack U.S." didn't seem that important.

I was on vacation.

Excuse Presidency. Get used to hearing it and saying it, friends. Because in 7 weeks, it'll be over.


Crystal said...

Uh, well, um, I hope it will be over, but the polls [ check out ] aren't making me very comfortable right now.

Kuz said...

I know what you mean, Crystal. But even when Bush has been down in polls, did you hear Republicans say they're worried? No way. I'm acting like a blind optimist Republican for 48 days and fighting for every single vote.