Friday, October 15, 2004

Helpful -- 98 tax raises?

Thank you, Jonathan Chait, for putting the smackdown on this "Kerry voted to raise taxes a million times" crap. And I just love this paragraph:

Meanwhile, Dick Cheney as a member of Congress from Wyoming voted to raise taxes 144 times. If 98 tax-hike votes make Kerry a far-out liberal, than Cheney would have to be placed somewhere in the ideological vicinity of Che Guevara

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Snolen said...

Your boy Kerry is too much.

[Kerry] also made campaign stops meant to play to southeast Ohio's strong gun-rights voters. In Pike County's city of Buchanan, Kerry's motorcade stopped at the Village Grocery Store, where he paid $140 for a hunting license he plans to use during a hunting trip and campaign stop in Youngstown this week.
"Can I get me a hunting license here?" Kerry asked store owners Paul and Debra McKnight.

Can I get me a hunting license here?! Well g-o-o-o-lly. I reckon Kerry sure 'nough don't talk like no Massachusetts liberal when he's in Ohio!