Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Not Interesting or Helpful -- The Electoral College

I'm burned out this week, and there isn't anything new and fun to tell you about.

Meanwhile, Dave Barry's going on extended vacation, George Bush is still president, and we might have a Texas/Massachusettes World Series, which of course will be extremely annoying and incite all sorts of stupid sports/politics metaphors.

Bah. Oh, and the Electoral College is stupid.


Mark Konold said...

"and we might have a Texas/Massachusettes World Series"

Not to worry. The Yankees are playing.

Kuz said...

Sorry, Mark.

Indigo said...

The electoral college article is right on. I am a proponent of a "proportial" system. As of right now, my vote means absolutely nothing in this state. It's a good system, it's just incomplete - in my opinion.