Thursday, November 11, 2004

Helpful for me

For future reference, when my post is too long, I am supposed to do this:

Post Modifications
The final piece that we need is a little bit of code in your actual post. Each post that you want to use this feature on will need this code:
[span class="fullpost"][/span]

You'll enter the summary text outside the span tags and the remainder inside, like so:
Here is the beginning of my post. [span class="fullpost"]And here is the rest of it.[/span]


Mark Konold said...

Is this suppose to be code you can throw in to only give a snippet of a post and somehow link to it's longer and more full version somewhere else?

I'm a computer geek, I must know these things.

Kuz said...

Yeah -- scroll down to the latest update from Iraq. I cut it so the three-page post wouldn't crowd out the rest of the screen. Full description of what I did is here.

Wachs said...

Wow. My WordPress is so much easier. I just click the "MORE" button on the top of the page... anything before the more appears on the front page. Go free software! WHEEE!!!!!!!!!!



(sorry, I lost my mind there, just for a second.)