Monday, November 15, 2004

I + H -- Note from Phil

This got passed on to me over the weekend. I will post later today with pictures from Iraq and another update from the Lt. Colonel, who had to send out yet another letter of condolence.

Hi all,

Two months down and five more to go! This last month has been significantly more challenging than the last. I have lost a good friend from my platoon in Weapons Company, MST 1 (my team right now) lost a good Marine, and Golf Company lost three Marines, two of which I knew pretty well. In fact, many of you saw the video that one of them put together of our training in Camp Horno.

The insurgents are getting bolder or there are just more of them around here after they were kicked out of Fallujah. I have been ambushed the last two days. Each of those firefights was worse than the ones before. I thank God that no one else was hurt. I will have a nice picture of where a bullet hit the shield of my turret. Our equipment does work.

The weather is also being uncooperative. It has started to rain and many of the roads we travel are narrow and unpaved. It is scary when your vehicle starts sliding into a canal and you can't do anything about it! The days are still warm but nights are getting a lot cooler. I have often wondered why it can't be just "nice" for a change :)

Despite all the challenges my spirits are kept up by all the letters, gifts, and prayers you all are sending. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Your support makes this place and what I am doing bearable. I am honored to have friends and family like you. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don't forget that each one of us has something to truly be thankful for,


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