Friday, December 03, 2004

Not interesting, not helpful, and poorly endowed

Using the "Next Blog" button on the top of the page, you can jump to a random blog out there that uses Blogger software. I can tell when people hit my site in this way, because the site where they pushed the button pops up in the site statistics as the referring website.

So, anyway, instead of visiting random sites, I like to click back on the pages that have visited me. By doing this, I happened to find my nominee for the most boring blog of 2004. Enjoy.


Ken said...

Thank you for nominating my site as the most boring blog of 2004.

I look forward to receiving my award; when, and where, will the ceremony take place?


Kuz said...

Unfortunately, your site didn't win, Ken. It was just nominated. This was the winner. Thanks for reading!

Ken said...


Indigo said...

This probably wouldn't surprise you, but I found the winner to be quite amusing. I laughed hysterically.