Friday, January 28, 2005

How helpful is that?!

Okay, okay, so I should be leaving work by now, but I just found Flickr, which let me send that picture of Benson from the phone directly to the blog. No middle man, no fooling with uploading the photos onto the webhosting server. Wow.

And Scott, that means that next time I have a night of epic drinking, there will be photo evidence I'll have to erase, not just jumbled syntax and misplaced "[" keys. Oooooo, dangerous!!

Point being, the whole reason I wanted a picture phone was so I could post to the blog. Now I can be anywhere and post a picture for the world to see in 30 seconds. Goddamn that's outta control.

So hey, in the interest of being interactive, what kind of pictures would you like to see?

1 comment:

Indigo said...

food, folks,

what did you think I was going to write?