Thursday, January 06, 2005

I + H -- Still in Iraq

This update was sent out on Sunday:

From: "Porter Maj Donald A"
Subject: Family Update

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all enjoyed plenty of sauerkraut, eggnog, and sparklers. The Marines brought in the new year with quiet steadfast devotion to each other. I'm absolutely honored to be the CO of these outstanding men. They still continue to impress me everyday and every moment I talk with them. They are doing magnificent things.

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The weather continues to be very nice. Highs are in the mid 60's and lows in the 40's. Not bad at all considering the amount of cold evening spent at Ft. McCoy and the snow reports we have received from back home. Better you all shoveling the snow than us. I personally have not missed that part of home at all.

Our AO has been relatively quiet since the last update. The Marines of the Mobile Strike Teams are forward deployed constantly putting the enemy farther and farther away, in jail, or dead. They create an absolute dilemma for the enemy by being mobile and everywhere. The amount of time these Marines spend working is phenomenal. They do a rotation between both forward deployed companies and duties for the Battalion here at Mahmudiyah. They spend less than a week in each role and it is a roller coaster cycle for them. It is not unusual for the teams to spend 18-20 hours a day for several days hunting the enemy. By the time they rotate back FOB Mahmudiyah, they are spent and ready to recover which usually happens. Then they get extremely anxious to get back on the hunt after a couple of days. Very impressive. Their attitude is what the legend's of the Marine Corps are made of.

The 81mm mortars continue to provide the ability to deliver rapid response indirect fires when needed. They continue to hone their gunnery skills with drill after drill. Their card games continue to improve daily. They have a good time the only way Marines can.

Congratulation to our newest Corporal and Lance Corporal. Today I had the honor of promoting Cpl Lebron and LCpl Pineda. I cannot think of a better way to start the new year. Both are very deserving of their new responsibility.

We have had a new member added to the Weapons Company Family. Marie Cogley delivered a healthy 7 pound baby girl (Ellie) on the 30th. I know Sgt Cogley has been floating on a cloud. I'm happy to report that both mom and daughter are doing well and have returned home to bring in the new year. Congratulation from Scooter. Since there is no finer way to conclude a letter than with the miracle of life coming into this world, I wish everyone a prosperous New Year.

Don Porter
CO Wpns Co

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