Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Interesting Review -- Garden State

Great flick. It's kind of disappointing though when you love a soundtrack long before you see the movie. The song you think has such huge significance is cut down to just one phrase, or cut up so there's one line from the bridge, then the chorus. Annoying. In the future, maybe I'll suck up the 10 bucks and see the movie in the theater instead.

The story was pretty sad (a guy in his 20's going home to deal with the death of his mother and a mess of mental issues) but smart and warm and funny in that movie-that-Kuz-always-seems-to-like way.
Zach Braff was cool, and as Cindy pointed out last night, quite a lookalike for Ray Romano. Maybe it's just the Jersey thing, but it was kinda creepy. As for Natalie P, she is cute as can be. And she can sure play crazy. When does Closer come out on DVD?....And yeah, the ending is way cheesy, but it was true, so deal with it.

Okay, so I just read that, and it's obvious that this review sucked, but I haven't written in a while, and it's what I got. It's just been too long. I've been stuck in that rut of just reading and reading and thinking and not doing a damn thing about it.

Meanwhile, I'm still looking for suggestions for sermon topics, even though I've decided what I'm speaking about already. And Scott, "ninjas" ain't gonna cut it, my friend.


Snolen said...

OK, sermon topic Plan B: pninjas. They’re totally different from ninjas, except the “p” is silent, and everything you would’ve said about ninjas (their hellacoolness, how Scott probably is one although won’t talk about it, etc.) can be said about pninjas. But if you’re gonna be difficult, fine; sermon topic Plan C: fire ants and why they’re so danged bitey. I’m betting they’re pissed off about the election like everyone in your congregation, so there’s your hook.

Indigo said...

As I have mentioned over and over again, I loved Garden State. It was my favorite movie of 2004. And I have a plan in place should I ever meet Natalie Portman to seduce her into becoming mine.

Kuz said...

I'd love to hear your plan, buddy. Is it like the gnomes' plan on South Park?

Step 1) Steal Underwear
Step 2) ???
Step 3) Profit!