Thursday, August 04, 2005

Helpful: The Irish

Lauren's latest post about her newfound Irish friends reminds me of a little story from when Indigo Steve was here for Lollapalooza:

We had lunch in a pub, right near my place. Our Irish bartender, Steven, overheard me saying that I liked bourbon, so he said, "ye gotta try the Baaaysil Haaayden." (Basil Hayden.) So he brought over this bottle to show us, but there was very little whiskey left.
I said, "There's not even a shot in there; what are you going to with that?"
He brings the bottle over, slams it down in front of me, slams a shot glass down with his other hand, and says in a voice that I will be imitating for the rest of my life,
"Fine, ya can fockin pour it yourself!"

That was some smooth bourbon.


Indigo said...

And that, my friends, is Kuz at his finest.

Lauren said...

How exciting, i've been linked to and made into a cuz story...! And I'm on the blog stop US weekly!

Anonymous said...

did I just spell KUZ wrong? must have been a gelato hangover moment...