Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Helpful: Top 6

Indigo Steve, who apparently feels that the High Fidelity "Top 5" list is insufficient, asked me to list my Top 6 songs. Qualifiers and conditions allowed. So here we go, softly:

In increasing order of volume:

1. Please Stay - Warren Zevon
Zevon cut this album knowing he had just a few months to live. This song is a crushingly poignant view of love and partnership.

2. Nashville - David Mead
I spent a weekend with David at a writing workshop in 2003, and this song was the highlight. It still gives me chills. "Was that blood or wine stain on your wedding dress?"

3. Hard Bargain - Ron Sexsmith
I got a chance to play and sing this song a few weeks ago at church. It's half love letter, half letter to God. "How's a guy supposed to fail with someone like you around?"

4. Lebanese Blonde - Thievery Corporation
I had been listening to this song for a few months before it got put onto the Garden State soundtrack, and I must say, it's one of those rare times when I was happy that my favorite song became popular. If you want to see me dance, all you have to do is play this song. It's guaranteed.

5. Train Ride - Lyle Lovett
There's a million Lyle Lovett songs I could put on this list...unless you believe in mathematics. Which I do. So I chose this one.

6. Paranoid Android - Radiohead
One day, I will be able to play two guitars, bass, drums and 2 keyboards at once and produce my own very special cover of this song. Until then, it's just air guitar and screaming. Lucas and I listened to this way back when on a road trip, right when the CD came out, and I almost ran off the road I was rocking so hard.

There you go.

PS - Big day tomorrow. Cross your fingers.

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Indigo said...

Fingers crossed.

Very nice list. I still need to listen to most of that CD you made me. I also have yours made, I just need to mail it.