Friday, August 05, 2005

Helpful: SPINsider

At first I thought Podcasts were just ok. If I wanted to listen to people talk, I could just turn on the radio. But no stations here play new music consistently, so I've been turning to ones like's SPINsider. KEXP, Rolling Stone, iTunes Music Store, all of them have new music summaries that can help you sift through the gobs of music out there.

On this issue, SPINsider plays Hard-Fi, who was at Stage #5 across the street at Lollapalooza. That day, they sounded fine, at least as good as they could sound from across the street.

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SlowHitz said...

Glad to have a good new-music podcast out there. It's really annoying that they have it as an iTunes-only supscription and file format, though, instead of a typical podcast XML feed. So those of us without iTunes (like me at work) have no way of listening.

I dig Apple and my iPod, but I really wish they hadn't called it "podcasting" and therefore so associated with Apple. DAMN YOU ADAM CURRY, BACK TO THE 80s WITH YOU!