Monday, January 09, 2006

Helpful: Resolution?

2005 brought some big changes, but mixed progress on the 2005 resolutions.

1. Work out avg. 4X a week -- I was close to that until after the Half Marathon, getting sick, and hurting my knee. Then it all went downhill.
2. 36" waist -- getting closer.
3. Reading 20 books -- I did that. In fact, remember when I was reviewing ten books a month? That was crazy. I'm happy with my reading, for sure.
4. Blog 30,000 words -- Blogger's word count feature doesn't exist anymore, so I have no idea what my total was, but with it not being an election year, I know that output and traffic was down for the year. Oh well. I still enjoy it.
5. Work hard at Kaplan and see what shakes out -- Did that!

As for resolutions for this year, I want to:

1. Get my knee healthy and run 4 races, including the half marathon. I'd like to take another 10 minutes off of my time.
2. With school, I want to make straight A's and land a part-time and/or summer position in the field of urban planning or government.
3. Raise $10,000 for the church.
4. Travel to Coachella in April, somewhere great (and unknown as of yet) in July, and maybe Austin City Limits?
5. Get down from 215 to 195 pounds. That would be a normal weight for my height.

That'll work. Now I gotta go fix my lunch to get ready for school tomorrow. Sweet.


Dad K said...

So a PBJ cut diagonally, some carrot sticks, an apple, a few Oreos, and a juice box?

Lunch of Champions!

Indigo said...

Mmmm, Dad K sure does know how to make a great lunch.

I am going to try to make Coachella still. I'll have to work out everything. That would be cool if you came down for ACL.