Sunday, January 22, 2006

I+H: Go Steelers!

What a game! If only the Super Bowl were being played at General Motors Field, I might have a chance to score a ticket. Since that isn't the case, and I don't have a spare $2,440 to spend, two Sundays from now I will be at home, wearing my lucky shirt, listening to the "Pittsburgh Steelers Polka," and watching as the black and gold take home a fifth Super Bowl trophy.

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Jennifer said...

Time to order up some Iron City Beer like my grandpap used to drink.

Kuz said...

They do sell IC Light at Binny's, but the one by my house was sold out today. No surprise there. Nothing like chipped chopped ham sandwiches and a bottle of Vitamin I!

Indigo said...

Wilson vs. Kuzma?