Monday, February 20, 2006

Helpful: Run, Forrest!

Here in Cook County, we've got a hot race for President of the County Board. The current president is John Stroger, an old-school patronage chief who has just about every one of his family members on the county payroll. He even built a new hospital a few years back to replace Cook County Hospital and named it after himself. That takes stones.

The best choice this year is to throw the bum out and put in Forrest Claypool, who cleaned up the Chicago Park District and has been a reliable good-government type on the County Board. If you live in Chicago or Cook County, there is early voting available from Feb. 27-March 16, so you don't even have to stand in line or run late for work in order to vote this year.

Way I look at it, voting in Forrest and Deb Shore is the second-best thing we could do politically this year.

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Dad K said...

And third would be Kuzma for Governor!?