Monday, February 06, 2006

Interesting: Let's go Wiz!

So maybe they didn't play all that great, and maybe they got some help from the refs, but a win is a win. Go Steelers. You can find game wrap-ups everywhere, but this morning, I want to direct you to a sports issue that you may have missed which will change the city of Houston, TX forever.

As you may know, I can enjoy watching virtually any sport, including the major four, plus billiards, golf, mixed-doubles tennis, lacrosse, boxing, world's strongest man, obscure olympic sports (especially water polo and curling) and lumberjacking. This broad appreciation of sports has helped me notice a major trend in the world of competitive athletics:

Team names in all sports are getting more and more ridiculous.

In the major American leagues of baseball, football, basketball, and hockey, the majority of teams have names that refer to living creatures or otherwise tangible objects, such as:
Human Occupations or Classifications (Packers, Steelers, Pirates, Mariners, Yankees, Redskins)
Articles of Clothing (Sox, Reds)

Starting in the 90's, with the expansion of more minor league teams in even more sports, I guess they just ran out of scary animals. The main offender here was the WBNA, which is full of bogus mascots:

Natural Phenomena: Storm, Stars, Comets, Sun, Sky
Unwanted Mental or Physical Conditions: Shock, Fever, Sting
Singular animal that sounds like it's plural: Lynx

Now, in a show of collective incompetence unseen since the Enron debacle, the people of Houston have decided to name their new Major Soccer League team:

Houston 1836.

That's right--it came to a vote, and the people of Houston named their team a number. Now, I love soccer, and I know that a few German teams have similar names, but that doesn't make this any less stupid. This is America, and if we can't have a cheer that goes "Here we go ________, here we go (clap, clap)" how are we supposed to follow along?

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Dad K said...

Yes, a win is a win! 3 weeks ago the Stillers had to beat the Colts and Zebras, and still did.

Kansas, home of the Shockers, Jayhawks, and Moundbuilders...