Friday, November 21, 2008

Helpful: Ban all the meetings

I went to a meeting this week that was completely unnecessary. It was nice to see people I had not seen in months, and I met a few new people, but for 90 minutes, we had a meeting with no decisions being made and no assignments given out for the next meeting which is in three months.

Not only that, most people at the meeting had to drive between 1-1.5 hours each way to attend.

So, whoever you are, whatever you do, if you want to be helpful, don't have a meeting if there isn't a decision to be made or assignments to carry out, or at least some kind of problem-solving that requires face-to-face interaction. If you have one scheduled and you fear that there isn't something important to discuss, cancel the meeting. If you have to have a meeting of some kind, have a brief conference call instead.

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Jules said...

I always appreciated the way you ran meetings at Holy Covenant. We had an agenda, had goals to reach and decisions to make, and had set time deadlines. Focused and productive! So few meetings are like that....