Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Helpful: Report your numbers

One of the things I learned from my job was that if you hold people accountable for tangible results, their efforts will shift toward behavior that improves those results. This is also a lesson from The Wire, although that has more to do with misreporting aggravated assaults as misdemeanor battery. But I digress.

What are your numbers? What does success look like?
For me, it is the number of appointments I make outside the house per week, the number of jobs I apply for, and the number of times I work out. Three numbers.

I had a church meeting this morning. Some churches do well, some don't. What is the key number? Attendance? Donations? Membership? I think it's attendance, but hey, I'm not the boss. All I know is, if I'm boss, I want some weekly reporting on your numbers. Back to work, slacker.

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