Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Helpful: Recession Cleaning

It's like Spring Cleaning, but for tough economic times. As I look for my next job opportunity and get ready for a national downturn, here's what's on my Recession Cleaning Checklist:

1) Deposit all loose change (now THAT'S Change that you can believe in!)
2) Look through the back of the closet and bins for all the clothes that fit and are wearable to keep from needing to buy new ones
3) Cut back on automatic subscriptions, especially web-based services that haven't been used in a long time
4) Scale back the cell phone plan
5) Review automatic savings plans, don't run out of cash in the checking account
6) Make sure that when buying gifts, support friends who own small businesses. They will be the hardest hit.
7) Keep things locked up. Crime naturally increases around the holidays, but in a recession, it can get even worse.
8) Eat soup. It's cheap and good for you.

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