Monday, August 09, 2004

Helpful -- Speedy Book Review

The Evelyn Wood speed reading book is pretty fantastic. I got it at the library and have easily doubled (at least) my reading speed.
Apparently, when you read line by line, you subvocalize (say the words out loud in your head) instead of just letting your brain process the words. As it turns out, your noodle can figure words out even out of order or at big chunks at a time.

This is helping me read all of those poker books I've been checking out...


Snolen said...

I played in a Hold 'em tournament this weekend. I placed 5th out of 13. Overall, I was happy with myself, considering these guys have been playing a lot longer than me.

The highlight of the evening was this dude getting a straight flush(!) on the river. I had King trips on the flop, so I was calling and raising like crazy. Then he went all-in on the river. Fortunately, I didn't call him. In all his years of playing, that's his first straight flush. It was glorious!

Kuz said...

Hey, if you're gonna lose with a set of kings, might as well lose to best hand possible. That's a bad position for you to be in, too, because you know that just about anyone would stay in all the way till the end with a draw like that. It's not like you could scare them away.