Thursday, August 05, 2004

Interesting - New Bushism

Ha ha ha.


Indigo said...

I love how Rumsfeld has that gay smile on his face as he looks at Bush's ass.

Kuz said...

Nice catch Indigo.

Snolen said...

Isn't it interesting what the press chooses not to report? Check this out:

My E-Mail to an L.A. Times Reporter Asking Why the Paper Ignored John Kerry's Failed Marine Photo-op at Wendy's
Goaded by commenter David Crisp at my personal blog, I have sent this e-mail to L.A. Times reporter Michael Finnegan:

Dear Mr. Finnegan,
I have a question regarding the story you and Edwin Chen wrote the other day in the Times titled "Kerry, Bush On the Road Again." You described a visit to a Wendy's restaurant by the Kerry campaign this way:

Kerry and Edwards, traveling with their wives, stopped for lunch in Newburgh, N.Y., population 28,000. In keeping with the Edwards' wedding anniversary tradition, they ate at Wendy's. "I'm treating," Kerry told his running mate, as they entered the restaurant to a round of applause.
Nothing more was said about the Wendy's visit.
I saw news stories published elsewhere that reported that, at the Wendy's, Kerry saw a group of Marines and went over to chat. The Marines answered Kerry's questions tersely. Afterwards, when reporters asked them about the incident, the Marines said they felt used by Kerry. They said they were 100% in favor of Bush and against Kerry. "He imposed on us and I disagree with him coming over here shaking our hands," one said. They added that they supported what President Bush is doing in Iraq.

I am wondering why this story did not make it into the L.A. Times. It appears that your paper had a reporter there at the Wendy's. Isn't this story significant?

To illustrate my point, let's turn the tables. Let's pretend that Bush stops at a factory and approaches a couple of factory workers, with whom Bush poses for a photo-op. Bush asks the workers some questions, to which they give terse responses. After Bush leaves, the workers tell reporters that they are offended that Bush took advantage of them for a photo-op, and they support Kerry 100%, because Bush's policies are costing factory workers jobs.

Don't you think a story like that would make its way into that day's Los Angeles Times story about the Bush campaign?

Full disclosure: I mentioned this omission on my blog (Patterico's Pontifications). The address of my post addressing the issue is: While my blog currently receives an average of only about 900 visits a day, my complaint was picked up by a popular blogger (, and as a result several thousand people have read this complaint.

One of my commenters suggested that I write you to give you a chance to explain why this incident did not make its way into your paper. I initially resisted the idea of writing you, as I am guessing I know the reason: you simply didn't think the incident was important. I disagree, and I doubt either of us will convince the other on this point. But my commenter suggests that there may be other explanations for the omission -- for example, perhaps you were in the restroom when the incident happened. (It's also possible that you included the story, but it was removed by an editor.)

Upon reflection, I have decided to write you to ask about this. If you purposely omitted this as a matter of news judgment, I'd appreciate it if you would respond to my hypothetical regarding Bush and the factory workers. Would such an incident be reported? If so, what's different about the incident at the Wendy's restaurant?

I would be happy to print your response in its entirety on my blog.

As an aside, I have also read about two other amusing incidents relating to the Wendy's visit. Apparently Teresa Heinz-Kerry pointed to a picture of a bowl of chili and asked "What's that?" Also, according to a local paper, while Kerry and Edwards were eating at the Wendy's, they had gourmet meals waiting for them on the campaign bus -- including shrimp vindallo, grilled diver sea scallops, prosciutto, wrapped stuffed chicken, and steak salad. I saw neither story mentioned in your article.

Minor points? Perhaps, but many voters of modest means might be offended at an apparent attempt by Kerry and Edwards to seem blue-collar, while such gourmet meals awaited them on their bus -- and while the rich wife of the presidential candidate couldn't even recognize a picture of a bowl of chili. Again, imagine these amusing stories -- but the candidates are rich Republicans rather than rich Democrats. I have to believe they would have been reported in your paper under those circumstances.

I'd be interested in your reaction to all this. If you were not the correspondent who covered the Wendy's visit, please let me know who was, and forward my e-mail to them.


Patrick Frey
Patterico's Pontifications

Kuz said...

Perhaps Mrs. Heinz Kerry mistook the chili for Manwich.