Monday, August 09, 2004

Interesting -- Bushisms continue

Listen, I don't make fun of the President because I'm an angry liberal, because I don't respect the presidency, because I hate America, because I'm rooting for terrorists, or because I'm a jaded urban hipster. None of those things are true. (Except the "liberal" and "hipster" parts)

I make fun of the President because he continues to put himself in positions (press conferences, town hall meetings, etc.) where he comes off as unprepared and stupid. Hasn't he learned?

Please check out this audio clip of Bush talking about relations with Native American tribes.


Indigo said...

It's sad that you had to point that out to ignorant people out there who believe such things about liberals (and hipsters for that matter too). But the clip you linked reiterates the fact that he shows himself to not be prepared and really doesn't know what to do.

Snolen said...

Ignorance is everywhere, fellas. When I tell folks I'm a conservative, many will automatically assume I'm a racist, gun-toting, Bible-banging misogynist who hates the poor and kicks puppies for fun.

Kuz said...

Yeah, Scott, that's crap. You don't have a gun!

Anonymous said...

Scott, don't be silly ... we all know it's the kittens you have it in for.

Seriously, though, I for one am glad there's a spectrum of opinion hanging out here--as long as we all keep our sense of humor, we should be able to get along without telling each other to shove it or f*ck off. (Yeah, I'd say ignorance exists all the way round ... :)


Kuz said...

Part of the reason I wanted to have I+H was to have an honest, funny debate on topical issues. That, and to link to fun games and breathtaking photos.