Sunday, March 27, 2005

Very interesting - new music format

Thanks for the link, Drew.
Here's an easy one:

Base material of sweet dreams:

To do:

---*seven seas

Agenda of "Everybody" and "Them":
*Use you
*Get used by you
*Abuse you
*Be abused

What to do with your head:
*Keep up
*Hold up
*do both while movin' on


'drew said...


Now if you do "Let's Go To Bed" I'll have it all figured out!

Anonymous said...

Characteristics of old apartment:
-broken into by me
-where we used to live
-forty-two stairs from the street
-possessing crooked landing
-possessing crooked landlord
-in narrow laneway filled with crooks

Things broken in old apartment:
-us (and hungry)

Things you did, the purpose of which I am unsure:
-paint the walls
-clean the floors
-plaster over the hole I punched in the door
-keep the mousetrap (mine)
-keep the dishrack (mine)

Things they did, the purpose of which I am unsure:
-pave the lawn
-change the locks

Things I did, the purpose of which I am unsure:
-have to break in (I only came here to talk)

Things I wonder about your neighbor:
-how she is
-how her temper is this year

I want the following things back:
-mousetrap (still mine)
-dishrack (still mine)

Destructive actions I took, besides breaking in:
-turned up your TV
-stomped on the floor, just for fun
-tore the phone out of the wall

Things that I know:
-we don’t live here anymore

-bought a house on the Danforth

-loves me
-keeps me warm with her body

-am happy there

Memories are:
-blending into dull tableaux

I could waste lots of time on this ... too fun!